In todays market lenders can make promises but not deilver what they promise. At ECI we will evaluate your mortgage needs and offer the best possible senario to custom fit you.

Apply for credit report and we will pay for your credit fee upon close of your loan.

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About ECI Financial Corporation

As a mortgage broker, ECI Financial represents MANY different established lending institutions. This allows us to find a loan and terms tailored to your individual situation. We are able to get loan approval for most of our clients because of this variety of options. With our loan programs, we have the ability to provide you with more borrowing power than many other lenders.


Your own mortgage loan shopping mall.

If you have perfect credit, we can offer you competitive, low interest rates. If you have had credit problems, you could have your loan approved when another lender may have turned you down. Think of this concept as a Mortgage Loan Shopping Mall. We are able to shop through our wide array of loan programs and offer our clients a solution for their specific situation. More options for us equals more solutions for you!

Good credit, bad credit, high income, low income, self-employed, high debt, etc. We are more equipped to help you than a traditional lender.

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